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Lasers in Ophthalmology

As ophthalmologists we are constantly looking for ways to improve patient outcomes and treatment experiences. Lasers offer greater precision, faster treatment and minimal post –procedural complications. Currently Rockwall Eye Associates uses lasers in both pre- and post- cataract surgery as well as treating some forms of glaucoma.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my ophthalmologist use a laser during treatment?

The possibility of a laser being used is always an option. However, we limit the laser surgery to those patients that qualify for certain pre- or post-cataract procedures and certain glaucoma treatments.

What should I expect during a laser eye treatment?

The Femtosecond laser is used to perform the first few steps in a cataract surgery. The laser can make precise and consistent incisions in the cornea, a more circular and centered capsulotomy, and can pre-soften the cataract so less ultrasound energy is needed during the actual surgery. Historically the eye surgeon uses blades to create the incisions in the cornea (the front window of the eye), and other special instruments to create the capsulotomy (the circular incision in the outer layer of the cataract or clear lens). The surgeon also uses a phacoemulsification device that uses ultrasound power to break up the lens and remove it from the eye. The femtosecond laser can be used to perform some or all of these steps. This laser is housed in the surgery center.

A YAG laser is used to treat scar tissue formation following cataract surgery. The laser surgery takes only minutes to complete. Because dilation is required with this laser procedure, you will need a responsible adult driver to drive you home. A follow up visit in 1-2 weeks is needed. This laser is located at our office in Rockwall.

Certain types of glaucoma can be treated with lasers. The eye preparation for these specific treatments varies. Please speak with your doctor about what to expect. This laser is housed in the Dallas surgery center. The follow up appointment(s) vary depending on the treatment received.